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The Brand Authority Podcast, dedicated to helping you build a powerful online brand. Through weekly conversations, host Rebekah Radice will share actionable tips to generate more engagement, traffic, conversions, and sales through social media. Plus, listen in as she interviews growth-driven leaders making an impact within their industry. Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, tech industry professional, marketer, consultant, or coach, each episode will give you a sneak peek into the systems, processes, and skills necessary to design a scientific and strategic marketing approach.

Dec 27, 2018

Mike Kawula is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Father to 3 Amazing Kids & CO-Founder of Dinner Table MBA.

Mike's last 3 businesses each hit $7 Figures in under 3 years with the last being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine.

He's an author, has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and the late Chet Holmes, and featured in over 100 publications and podcasts.

He's sold over $100 Million in Products & Services during his entrepreneurial journey online and offline. His Journey as an Entrepreneur has been a Roller Coaster ride, closing in on 100,000 Hours of in-the-Mud Experience.

Connect with Mike

Connect with Mike on his website, at Dinner Table MBA, and on Twitter.

Resources Mentioned

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